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Data and information about vessel and crew

This information is intended to be used by rescue authorities in case of an emergency should occur and should not be missused!

Additional information about rescue authorities in Adobe PDF format found here.

Information: Sailing vessel S/Y Rozinante
Name of vessel:Rozinante
Captain:Staale Jordan, single handed sailor, DOB: 1980.
Length of vessel:34 feet.
Hull color:Red.
Material:Wood and glassfiber.
MMSI ID:257594630
Iridium Telephone Number:+881631527443
HAM Callsign:LA7GZ
Liferaft, flares, survival suit onboard.

Communcation equipment:

  • ICOM HF M802 with HF DSC MMSI: 257594630 open for transmit and recieve 1.5 - 30Mhz
  • Nera Inmarsat Mini-M, Inmarsat-miniM MES, 4.8Kbps Voice NO.: 763596215 (From PSTN: +870763596215) (LES: Telenor S.S Eik Earth Station)
  • Nera Inmarsat Mini-C, Inmarsat-C MES NO: 425799920 (E-Mail: (LES: Telenor S.S Eik Earth Station)
  • McMurdo Fastfind 406/121.5 Mhz EPIRB Callsign: 257LC2254, Unique ID: A02F00233800001, S/N: 600-15526
  • Jotron 1E MKII 121.5 Mhz EPIRB MMSI: 257594630
  • Jotron 45S 406/121.5 Mhz EPIRB MMSI: 257594630
  • Shipmate RS8100 VHF all international channels
  • ICOM M1V Handheld Marine VHF
  • Jotron ARR Active Radar Reflector
  • HF Mail: Register @ before sending due to SPAM.

Emergency Contact Information

Name:Annelise Aasheim Hornang/Bjørn Jordan
Address:Skjærbommen 162, 4639 Kristiansand, Norway
Telephone private:+4738040521
GSM Telephone:+4748123590/+4790955231
Telephone work:+4738075195/+4738145300
EMail: annelise.hornang$$ ($=@)